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My Online Journey

EPIC Failures & Dominating Successes.

Take the hassle out of building your online empire by using shortcuts and guides I sent a lot of money on learning the hard way so you can take advantage of tools, templates, guides and shortcuts for success. 

Content for Growth

The fuel for your website is content and lots of quality written helpful content for people.

Link Juice

Understand how backlinks can power your online visibility. I’ll show you how to get all types of backlinks.

Website Health

Your website is the heart and soul of your online empire. If you take care of your site you will get positive results.


How To Start A Career Working Online  

It’s a Gig economy for online marketing right now and you can learn the ABC of how to start an online business where you can work location independent as long as you have an internet connection. Build your own A-Team!

Making It Online What Does It Look Like?

We have all been shown how easy it is to make money online, push button simple, passive money doller doller bills yall. The pitch is perfect but who is pitching you? marketers of course der so no wonder the targeting works so well. When I was starting to drift towards...

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Why You Shouldnt Do Free Work

Why you should never work for free and I can highlight the why. This happens all the time and usually its no big deal but the amount of requests for free work has increased ten fold. Having been helping some close friends I had a bit of a moment where I was up late...

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I See Business Obstacles Like Video Games

When you understand how gamers think you can see that they solve micro problems all day to get to small milestones before completing something bigger like a level. Its this thinking that I believe is a crucial skill marketers need to have to be successful. See below....

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We Keep your business overheads down.

I’ll show you where to get highly skilled specialists at a fraction of the price of most industry professionals. Save yourself $$ and learn how the Gigeconomy is saving businesses A LOT of money.

My goal is to help you be better at running your online business and to have independence to work from anywhere in the world, like me 🙂 

“Highly skilled guy knows the way people behave online and helped me figure out how to go from point A to point B and then on through the rest of the alphabet. Really impressed by the wealth of knowledge shared in our consult.”

Aaron Newman