13 Ways to Get More Leads, Convert More Leads to Sales and Generate More Cash From Your Website’

Nearly every website on the internet fails to attract the maximum possible sales and cash from people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering.

One thing is obvious when I talk to businesses about their online marketing. That is there is very little structure, planning and measurement around their marketing performance. This is pretty sad because if there’s one marketing area where tracking is relatively easy it’s online.

So what’s the solution? In simple terms it is to set some clear goals for the marketing and to make sure your website is designed in a way that supports those goals. At the end of this report is a valuable special offer for all readers.

Get More Leads

Even with no change to your traffic levels you can get more leads from your current website by making a few simple changes. Here are a some changes nearly every website needs to make.

1. Must have a clear and compelling offer.

Before a customer will consider buying from your business they need to know, like and trust you. Think about it would you just hand your cash to anyone hoping you’ll get what you expected? Most people will not. One way to being overcoming this ‘lack of trust’ that every customer has to start with is to make them an offer almost too good to be true. The offer must still be believable and have a reason why you are making it. Here’s a made up example:

‘Sign up for our weekly newsletter Beating The Share Market totally FREE For 60 Days, Saving you $198’. We are so confident that you’ll love the profitable investment advice in the newsletter that if you don’t want to keep receiving our proven tips after 60 days just say ‘no more’ we’ll cancel your subscription and you’ll never owe us a cent.

Now I’m sure that can be improved more with testing and measurement but you get the idea. The offer should be hard to say no than it is to say yes to.

2. Offer something free so that getting involved with your business is low risk for them. This is where a great free report is really useful.

You have probably seen free reports before. I sign-up for them all the time if I believe the information will be of value. After all if it’s not I can unsubscribe from the mailing list anytime. Just the other day I got one called “7 Biggest Reasons Why People Don’t Become Millionaires”. Bottom lines is free reports work. The topic of the report should focus an area of customer pain and offer information that can help fix that pain. This free report you’re reading follows that exact model. The pain is the fact that most websites do not produce the customers and sales for the business that they could.

3. Know your customer lifetime value.

Customer lifetime value is critical to any marketing plan. If you know what a customer is worth to your business over their lifetime with your business you can set your marketing budget in a way that knocks your competition over every time. You calculate customer lifetime value in this way:

Purchases per year X Average purchase value X Years they remain a customer. Here’s an example of a seller of online shopping cart software.

Purchases per year 12 (monthly subscription)
Average purchase value $79
Years remain a customer 2
Lifetime Value (sales) $1896

So now that you know the lifetime value of a typical customer is $1,896 you can afford to be quite generous in what you offer the get them on board as a customer. Meanwhile your competition are viewing them as $79 a month. This killer mindset shift can radically change your business. Make sure you take the time to calculate customer lifetime value for your business and plan your marketing accordingly.

4. Make it easy for people to get in contact with your business.

Why do many websites only have an anonymous email contact form? People do business with real people and having just an email form puts you way behind in getting a potential customer to know like and trust you. Your website should have as many methods of contact as you can effectively service. At the very least a phone number should be highly visible and if people normally come into your premises to do business then your address should also be big and bold. You can also add a Google map reference so people can find you more easily. Encourage people to call or come in after all it’s only at that point do you get a real chance to make sales.

5. Keep your website simple and professional and focus on your most wanted action.

There are too many ‘bells and whistles’ available to website owners and the urge to use them can be overwhelming. The best way to avoid the trap of overcomplicating your site is to use the Coco Chanel philosophy about dressing. Now this is not the verbatim quote but it goes along the lines of always take one thing off. This applies 100% to websites. In fact more than likely you should take many things off. The way to work out what’s needed and what isn’t is to sit down and work out your most wanted response. That is, what do most want the visitor to do when they’re on your site. Here are some examples of a most wanted response:

• sign-up for a free report
• make an immediate purchase (this is one of the hardest because no time has been taken to establish the know, like and trust with your customer)
• call the business
• sign-up for a webinar

The most wanted response is part of what is called your marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is literally a funnel into which go all people suspected of being customers at the top. These ‘suspects’ are gradually filtered through t becoming clients and then into high end clients. But marketing funnels in detail are for another report. Just remember what your most wanted action is and then remove everything from your site that may interfere with achieving that. All the other stuff you want to show and tell people can come after your first most wanted response has been achieved.

6. You must use multiple marketing media to bring in leads.

There is no better place to market a business than the internet. This is because you can actually identify and target people far better than you can when you run ads in traditional media such as newspapers. One of the very best media is to rank high on Google and other search engines, known as seo. This is almost like the Yellow Pages of old because you can rank for terms that real buyers will use. Also because they are seeking you the amount of selling required is often less. Google even makes this easy with their keyword tool at https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool

If you’re doing research for your business on which keywords to target make sure:

• You select the right country.
• You choose exact match searches or the figures you get will be greatly overstated.
• You type in a range of terms to make sure you get all possible suggestions. Google doesn’t always show them unless you dig:)
• Have an Adwords account and be signed in first or you’ll only get limited results.
• Take the numbers with a grain of salt as they aren’t always accurate but they are a very good guide.
• Target specific search terms because they are more likely to be buyers. For example plumber is a bad term it’s too broad. Plumber plus a city name is better and plumber plus service type and city name is even better. Fewer searches but much more likely to be buyers. In business we always want buyers not tyre kickers.

There are many different media to include in your online marketing but only expand your media once you have a strong website that delivers on your most wanted response. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Once you have this in place then the main media you should look at having are:

• A Facebook business page.
• A YouTube channel.
• A Twitter account.
• A Pinterest account.
• A LinkedIn account.

Just make sure if you are going to add one you keep it updated. This doesn’t need to be every day and you don’t have to create all the content yourself but it should look current if a potential customer checks you out there. If you can’t/won’t keep it updated get help to do that or leave it out for now.

Increase Your Conversions

The key to getting more visitors to your site to become a customer is to first make sure you have the first 6 steps covered. If you have done this you are most likely streets ahead of your competition already.

7. Design your conversion tool.

In order for someone to move from a ‘suspect’ to a customer you need to move them along in the know, like and trust process. The way to do this with what I’ll call a conversion tool. A conversion tool is something that you do/use to get interested people to make their first purchase with your business. It can be as simple as phone call where you ask the potential customer what it is they really need and see if there is a match with what your business offers. You also need to try and find out if there are any objections they may have to buying from you and overcome these. That’s a report in itself but if you remember objections are usually trust based on price based. A great open ended question to ask is something like ‘Is there anything else that you would like to know in order to make a decision about doing business with us today’ then wait for their answers and find ways to address them so you can ask for the order. Other types of conversion tools commonly used include:

• Free consultations.
• Free webinars.
• Free teleseminars.
• Demonstrations.
• Free trials.

8. Properly qualify people in your marketing funnel.

Anyone who comes into your marketing funnel is going through a process of qualification to see if they want to and are able to become a customer. How you position yourself on your website and in your marketing is important because it helps ensure only the best prospects enter your marketing funnel. Your positioning is often known as a unique customer buying advantage. That is why someone should do business with you as opposed to the competition or instead of doing nothing at all. If you got your offer right on your site you’re almost there. Basically it’s stating that ‘We do X for Y’. As an example ‘We help accountants increase the amount of business they do with their existing clients within 60 days’. Simple and powerful and if you’re target is accountants this will help ensure it’s only them who join your marketing funnel.

9. Don’t assume you will make the sale right away

You see at any one time, for any product or service about 3% of the market is hot and heavy and ready to buy. Another 6% is very open to it. Another 30% are not thinking about it but could be interested. Another 30% is not interested and the finally 30% odd has no Interest what so ever and even if it was offered it for free they wouldn’t be interested.

So one the biggest marketing mistakes you can make is to focus on that 3% and ignore the at least 36% more who might be interested. This is why you must have a follow-up system in place for every lead. The beauty of the internet is this is easy to do with automated systems like Aweber.com. You setup a series of follow-up message for everyone who ask for your free report educating them further on the benefits of doing business with and after that you add them to your regular newsletter list. As long as you keep sending relevant and interesting content out when they’re ready who do you think is top of mind? Hopefully you said you!

Whilst your doing this your competition are clueless and chasing the 3%. You will clean up if you do this right.

10. Have a mobile website.

Have you tested your website on a mobile phone? What does it look like? Is it easy to use and move around using the touch of your thumb? Google recently put out a compelling graphic about what happens to people’s likeliness to buy with or without a mobile site, I’ve show it below.

You absolutely must have a mobile friendly website that contains the main information people want to know about your business. If you don’t people will leave your site and go to someone who does. After all have you tried using a non-mobile site yourself it’s PAINFUL! Make sure you choose carefully who does the site you need it to be simple, fast to load and it also needs to update in sync with your main site. You can pay thousands for a mobile site but there is no need for the average business. If you would like to see what your mobile site could look like compared to what it looks like now use the contact information at the end of this report and we’ll organize that for you.

Increase Your Cash/Sales

It’s a sad fact that most businesses leave cash sitting on the table on don’t even realize. There are dozens of ways to generate the maximum amount of sales and cash from your clients, here are some of the best.

11. Keep making offers to your existing clients.

Someone who has already purchased from you is your best prospect for future sales. Please read that statement again because most businesses either ignore or take for granted their existing clients. Let’s say you’re a printer. If someone has bought printing from you before there’s a very high chance they might need more printing in the future don’t you think? So the secret is to keep in regular touch with all your clients at least every 90 days. The best way to do this is with a newsletter. Contuining our example of the printer their newsletter could include:

• Business tips
• Design tips
• Marketing ideas
• Financial tips

Hopefully you get the idea. You could even partner with other businesses to share content for each businesses newsletter. Do you think this would make you some extra sales? You bet it would.

12. Package up your product or service.

You could just sell your standard product or service OR you could sell a packaged product or service and make more cash from the same number of customers. McDonald’s is a great example of that with their ‘meal deals’. You spend more but you get a package of food/drink cheaper than if you purchased them separately. Any business can apply this same approach. If you’re a service provider you could package your service with follow advice or servicing if that was part of your business. An accountant could package their tax services with monthly business financial coaching and this would dramatically increase their revenue per client. Also the business would be getting great advice to keep their financials on track so they benefit as well. Let’s take another example of selling a lawn mower. Someone buying a mower really wants a great looking lawn that they can enjoy and maybe that their friends are jealous of. So why not package the mower with things like garden gloves, fuel can, servicing and a little book on growing and maintaining a great looking lawn. This package might ad $100 to each sale but save the customer $250 if they’d purchased everything separately. Also they have the book which contains all sorts of tips and products they can get from you in the future to keep their lawn looking great. Bang extra sales for a small amount of extra effort.

13. Have a referral strategy.

Amongst your client base you no doubt have a number of really great ones. You know the ones who do a lot of business with you and provide you with minimal problems. Wouldn’t you like more of these? I certainly would. Well you can get more of them you just have to ask. Specifically you need to ask your best clients to refer you more clients like them. Now I can’t go into all the details in this short report but basically you need to let them know you value their business and would love more clients like them. Then give them something valuable to offer to potential clients they know as a low risk way of introducing your business to them. For any new clients they send you make sure you say thank you and also offer them something valuable in return.

Let’s look at an example, I’ll use accountants again (no particular reason just consistency). They could give their best clients a voucher for a free 1 hour tax savings consultation valued at $197. Then for every new client they get they could offer the business referring them an hour or two free accounting services as a reduction on their monthly bill. That’s just a rough example but hopefully you get the idea. So how can you apply this in your business? Take a few moments now to think about that. If you’d like some feedback on your idea use the contact information at the end of this report and send it over. We’ll take a look and give you some honest feedback about how to make it as strong as possible.

14. Under promise and over deliver.

This is tip 14 one more than promised and there’s a reason. In marketing you should always aim to exceed your customer’s expectations. If you think something will take 7 days you could guarantee within 10. This gives you a buffer for unforseen events but also means anyone who gets the results in 7 days gets a positive surprise. How often do you get those from a business? I don’t see it happen very often at all.

Phew congratulations to you no getting to through the whole report! I hope you got massive value from the ideas presented in the report. Now right now they are just ideas and that isn’t going to help you. You need to take action on one thing. It really doesn’t matter what it is any of the ideas will positively impact virtually any business so make sure it’s yours. Please send across what you try and how it went. Also send across any feedback on this report or any questions you may have. Questions are a chance to grow for both the person asking and the person answering.