About Me

I left a safe secure high salary income to work in online marketing I was told I was crazy for drastically changing my career. Today I run multiple online businesses that generate a very healthy income for me and I do it as a side business, believe that.

I Know What Works

This isn’t just a blog it’s a place to learn online marketing. SerpWolf wasn’t started to suck money out of brand newbies. I created the blog to help educate and empower those new to online marketing. I want to give my knowledge so others can make a living doing what they are passionate about, just like I did. I take great pleasure in helping others solve their online problems, if they have a hard time selling products online or can’t understand Facebook Ads this is the place to seek help.

SerpWolf is an online resource run by me. I love to teach people online proven business strategies so they can start their own online business or scale there existing business. 

What can you expect to see on this blog? FREE training, answers, solutions and helpful informative information. I’ll show you how to master different techniques to make money online, the tools and platforms that help you do this faster and more precise. I’ll also be upfront about any recommendations that I make on vendors, software or products and if I get an affiliate commission for recommending them and c’mon this is a place where I teach you how to do affiliate marketing so watch and learn.

Why learn from me? I don’t claim to make millionaires from free training or guarantee results, but I do help you get better results than going it alone. I teach online marketing in it’s various forms to all sorts of people my actual full time job see’s me training people about online marketing each and every day, I love what I do and I’ve been retired it’s overrated I need challenge and responsibility.

Learning How Things Work 

I like to teahc and I like sharing how things work. What Ive learned by testing and reviewing aganist benchmarks, by trying new things has made me really successful and my client portfolio very happy 🙂 everyone wins. I have also helped train a large number of marketing gradutates and interns taking them from brand new day 1 into online marketing weapons who truely understand what to do in almost every situation.

Learning How to Analyze What You Do

I get to see data sets across industry verticals and geo locations large data sets that give me inside intelligence on trending data and audience behaviour. When you have large data sets to analyse you get a clear picture of what is working and what needs improvement.

Take the data driven approach to your marketing efforts online, no guess work just measurable action painted by numbers.

What I Want To Do For You

I want to help you learn more about online marketing and taking a client campaign from sub-optimal to kicking goals.

I first started online back in 2007 I built an ecommerce store that sold mobile phone accessories and I’ll tell you this to make an ecommerce store back then you need 15 plugins and a dedicated developer just to make it work. After some initial success I bombed out with that store and drifted out of the online scene to pursue brick and mortar business which I succeeded to grow and managed to sell them at the peak of the success. When I came back to working online I had no idea what I was doing things have changed so much, I was searching for the answers just like you are right now.

When I came back I was starting out making small websites with Google Adsense on them to get paid when people clicked on my ads once they were ranked in Google search. These smallish websites were in micro niches and would make me anywhere from $50 – $1,000 a month each and some failed but some also kicked butt and made me some really good passive profit. The sites that made me money I reinvested that money back into building the sites out and making them bigger and more useful for their audience. I admit I really love this type of passive profit and I’ll show why when you take the training modules for Google AdSense.

The more I grew these type of websites the more they passively contributed to my online income. But Google is unpredictable and always evolving to a point that changes its mind more than my girlfriend deciding what Netflix movie we watch at night. Google’s new direction ruined my Adsense sites earnings and threw me form the top of the search rankings 🙁 to almost zero in the span of 4 days. I invested heavily in learning what makes Google tick, algorithms, search quality guidelines and so much technical search engine semantics that my mind nearly melted out between my ears. Now I’m much more comfortable with Google’s evolution.

Next, I tried Facebook paid advertising and I actually made some good money. I was advertising affiliate products. Affiliate products are products you get a commission from if you recommend, suggest or promote them and someone purchases through a URL referral link that has your unique ID attached to it. This is a great way to make income online and is very lucrative if you stay the course and commit to making it work. This is one of the main ways I’m generating online income to this day.

I have always been into online stores, selling and buying products and took some time to focus in on ecommerce using Shopify, WordPress with Woocommerce and Magento to help me build my stores. I would use dropshipping to test niches and see if there was any potential to have my very own product created and then manufactured and sold in my online stores. Just a warning ecommerce takes time dedication and has a learning curve but! can be so rewarding if you stick with it.

I used social media automation to help sell thousands of products and drive tonnes of traffic to my ecommerce stores providing me with a nice revenue stream.  I’ve built and sold several brand’s and websites after some successes, I really enjoy building a brand or store and then flipping the business. I’m no online hustler but I put in the work and get the reward of success. I have a couple of dropshipping online stores currently and two product stores where I’m having the products manufactured and sold under a brand that I control. Creating something from nothing is what excites me, and I want to teach you how to do the exact same thing.

Drop shipping is when you sell someone a product and your supplier sends it out without you even touching it. I love this model for new stores and testing products it’s a cost-effective way to build an ecommerce brand without investing too much upfront.

So, I started doing this myself by creating multiple very successful stores then started teaching other people how to do the same thing. 

Scaling Ecommerce Step by Step Process:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Dropship product
  3. Send traffic using Facebook ads
  4. Review and refine advertising and sales
  5. Explore brand building opportunity
  6. Scale more ads more traffic more sales
  7. Rinse repeat new product

I also create my own Chrome extensions and WordPress plugins to automate various research and discovery tasks and save myself a bunch of time. My passion is training and I have a lot of free training on the blog for all levels of marketers and you can access it by exchanging your email address for free access. You will learn why this is such a valuable exchange when you take the training.

Now those are some cool results but how does that help you? Well, you get to shadow me and watch how I set these up, deploy advertising and grow these businesses online. You get to see DIY training that you yourself can implement and make money online. Also straight up you won’t see me in fake bling jewellery, sports cars ( I dont fit I’m way to tall) or hanging out in rented mansions like most online guru’s I’m real and like simple things. I just give you reality and free training.

I’ve created this because I can’t fit all the information on this page and plus this is supposed to be about the blog right? So if you want to get into something like this click the link below and it will be sent right to your inbox for FREE! No cost, nothing at all.

From this awesome business model and other sources of income, I’ve been able to create a lifestyle on my own terms. I work my own hours, I work with people, not for people and I have enough freedom to work and travel anywhere at any time as long as I have an internet connection and a computer I can work online. I like stress free environments and getting shit done.

My other sources of income include consulting and of course my full-time digital training career. I still can’t believe I get paid to teach people online marketing it’s crazy how the world works and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I had to do it all over again I would of started online marketing sooner truth be told.

Now I want to help you create an online business so make sure you sign up for my newsletter this will allow you to access the free training and upfront add you to my email list where I can share new training and fresh blog content to you as well as update you with latest news in advertising as Facebook, Google and other platforms change. 

I’m a rather private person but if you are willing to hear more about me just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to talk to you online. There is a bunch of free training and helpful content on the blog so make sure you take the learnings and read my guides. Looking forward to your next success. 

We are 3 people working on one website and we are all a little introverted so some of the team will remain behind the scenes. Meet the Wolfpack.

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