How can you take the power away from broken businesses? Ive done it and each and every person Ive spoken with in local marketing has come across this scenario. You get working with a local business and they have some lead problems hence why you are speaking with them, you agree to do business and both look forward to the partnership. Month 1 ends and you review what leads that you have been sending them and its looking good on your end and they claim that they never got the leads, they got the lead but it was low quality. This type of garbage its a familiar story.

This is what working with a broken business looks like, the sad thing is THEY hold the power in this type of relationship. They are your client and you need them. I realised this was a broken system after working with the first 3 idiots, when you try to explain how business works to business owners it can put you in an awkward position. 

My Immediate red flags for a business comes when any of the below are client indicators of problems:

  • Don’t understand business
  • Don’t understand digital
  • Don’t understand sales pipelines
  • Don’t understand how important that first 2 minutes of a customer call really is

That is when you have a problem client. I make sure call tracking is setup for anyone showing signs of the above indicators you can not afford to have uneducated people destroying quality leads. This is how you loose the upper hand, you have every right to put it back onto the business owner that THEY need to do some work on their own internal processes and train their lead handling people to become well oiled sales and bookings managers.

To really own the relationship one key change in business Ive seen work really well and Im developing a system for this right now as it does work extremely well is to completely remove that awkward relationship of you and the client. Changing the client into a subcontractor especially if you niche down into one focus industry.

What am I talking about and how does it work? 

Well its quite simple, in marketing you are the lever that drives the buyer traffic, the client holds the actual skillset to fulfil the job so when you remove the business element from the client and you drive the traffic you mange the sales side of the bookings and leads you now become a very valuable partner to this business.

How this relationship works:

  • You – Control the main business entity and the traffic
  • Client – now becomes the subcontractor responsible for fulfilment

You would need to setup a business catering to that specific business type of service like Marios Dental Palace, and become a face for that business. On the backend what you do is send all leads to the client as leads only that all they need to do is confirm the time and date of the booking and fulfil the service. No sales no mishandling of the lead. You charge what you need to or find someone else to handle fulfilment, that is another lever that you can pull.

Once you start delivering leads that work for this business you will have their attention and suddenly your requests are being answered, your phone calls are answered and you find yourself from a paid servant to being someone held very valuable to this business.

Playing devils advocate here as well you could also wipe that business out if you know what you are doing so use this information as a guide and please don’t go wiping out small businesses across the country that is very unAustralian behaviour.

I always look at the core fundamentals of clients I work with for analysis first but also how could a competitor duplicate what this client does. Not to be a douche bag but more for my own understanding of their USP and how they actually can stand out in the market.

I ask myself can this business model be duplicated?

Most businesses the answer is yes.

If it can be duplicated you have that option to take sales out of their hands and start something of your own that you can scale or just focus on providing leads to the client but with a better level relationship field.

But How?

  1. Analyse the business
  2. Analyse your lead generation measurements for that business
  3. Do your due dilligence
  4. Start up a virtual business providing similar services to the client
  5. Start marketing for your new virtual business
  6. Collect and then sell the leads to your client
  7. Sign client on a retainer or a contract 
  8. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver

The reality is you have all the leads and generation techniques. You can drive as much traffic as you want to and fill the calendar of the client for months to come.  Then you simply recreate their business model virtually. And then. have the former client as your subcontractor to perform the services. 

This is just like UBER, Just like LYFT its a new way to do business online and its changing all industries for the better.

If you consider almost ANY business model. The actual “thing they do” can become a contractual service. The only things valuable are input of customers and output. 

Roofing companies, plumbers. Doctors, even attorneys can all be replaced by by a simple marketer. 

Let’s say you were supplying for a large roofing firm. (Or, dentist, or anything.) 

You create a new Pty Ltd. Call it Allbest roofing/dental/legal/etc. You get phone calls/website visits.. send estimators. and sell. Then, have the company (or, another) do the actual work. You collect, pay the firm for the service. and keep profit. 

And you never have to “inventory” or provide services. You become the UBER of the industry. 

Think of it. UBER gains the customer. Sells the service. Collects payment. BUT, “Contractors” provide the actual service. 

It is “dropshipping” of physical services. 

In the new economy a single person can “own” a 100 million dollar firm without ever actually doing a single roofing job/dental/legal job. 

Almost any firm can be reduced to the sum of three parts. 
1. Customer acquisition. 
2. Providing what the firm does- Contracted
3. Collecting from customers. 

Even these three fundamentals can be contracted.

1. Contract for lead acquisition. 
2. Contract for service/products
3. contract for collection
And even the other needed services. Contract for bookkeeping/ legal/etc. 

This is an emerging business trend and you can take ownership of your own chunk of virtual business now ahead of the curve and carve a real nice niche for yourself if you take action.

I hope this post has helped you see some opportunities where you can get ahead and make money online. Comments drop them below or share your own tips.