Upside. Your business has it. But like everything if you want the upside you have to do the work

But it can be like an iceberg. That is you, as the business owner, only see the tip.

Understandable really because you’re busy and have a million things to manage plus there’s also life family and friends (remember those).

So what to do.

You have to develop an opportunity mindset and this isn’t something that you can do overnight despite what some people say. There is one thing that can accelerate the process and that’s asking the right questions.

So here are a few to get you started.

Is my business truly different from the competition? Do I really stand out in a way that draws the best clients to me? Or do I have work to do on this?

Do I treat my clients as the valuable asset they truly are? Do I nurture them and stay in touch with them as often as I should? If I can improve their lives in some way am I doing it proactively?

Am I serving the right clients who value and appreciate what I do and are willing to pay me what I’m worth?

Who else has access to clients I’d like to work with? How can I create a beneficial arrangement for all of us to work together?

Here’s a relatively simple strategy that can get you more sales.

It’s called make your bonus the product.

What it means that you add so much ‘perceived value’ with your bonuses that the potential client feels is it would be crazy not to buy your product even just to get the bonuses.

You see this used with great success for modern book launches.

There can be as much as several thousand dollars of extra bonuses for buyers at launch time.

Now if you’ve been in business a while you might be immune to this but I assure many people are not. So if you can add good quality bonuses to your core product you can capture many more sales than you’re currently getting.

Last tip when adding bonuses is make sure they are high ‘perceived value’ but don’t cost you a lot. Special reports, private training videos/calls etc are ideal.

If you can’t find a way to apply this in your business post your business below and I’ll give you ideas in the thread.

Your clients have one question in their mind either consciously or unconsciously and in a nutshell it’s why you?

In other words why should I buy from you as opposed to anyone else or instead of not buying your thing at all?

Competition is fierce right now as I’m sur you know. So answering this question with vague things like:
– high quality
– great service
– fast delivery
– etc.

will not cause anyone to take action.

You need something far more specific and compelling.

Now the good news is if you’re good at what you do (most people are) there are probably many things you do to get clients great results.

BUT unless you have taken time to write them all down and express them in compelling language your clients probably don’t know what they are.

This means if any decent competitor comes along you are at serious risk of losing the client.

So please do this one thing. Write down every single advantage or benefit your clients get from you no matter how small you think it is.

Wait 48 hours and come back and review/add to the list.

Then aim to rewrite the list in client friendly language. They way to do it is simply take the feature and then say what that means to a client. For example we use double strength bearings which means our motor lasts twice as long and saves you thousands of dollars.

If you sell business to business there is one marketing strategy that stands out above all others for effectiveness.

It’s called the Dream 100 strategy (I first learnt this from American marketer Chet Holmes but have adapted it since then).

In simple terms you create a list of your best possible clients (often 100 but it can be whatever number makes sense for you). These are the clients you would love over any others and they may seem unattainable right now. Don’t worry put them on the list.

Next find the best contact(s) for each of the prospects. The person must have the authority to say yes to your offer if they like it.

Next you need a Godfather offer. That is an offer that is near impossible to refuse.

Once you have all that together you sit down and map out a contact plan. It should cover a period of 12 months. Contacts should include:

– social media connecting/engagement
– creative direct mail
– follow up calls
– email
– follow up creative direct mail
– in person meetings

The basis of this strategy is relentless commitment to marketing to the small group of dream clients. At first you will get crickets BUT if you stay the course you will get in front of many of your Dream 100 over a 12 month period.

The effort is worth it as most businesses are transformed by even landing one of their Dream 100 clients.

I can almost guarantee no one in your niche is using this strategy. Will you take the initiative and be first?

Client Explosion on a Personal Level

I’ll let you in on a little secret that helped me really and I mean really increase my client portfolio.

The single biggest competitive advantage you can have is understanding your ideal client.

I mean a deep understanding.

  • What drives them?
  • What are their biggest wants, needs, desires and frustrations?
  • What keeps them awake at night?
  • What motivates them to make a buying decision for a product or service like yours?

This means you need to get your hands dirty. You need to do your research and you need to speak to your current clients. Ask them why did you choose us?

When you have taken into account their want their need you can analyse data with the client’s goals in mind.

This will be huge for you and allow you to gain insights you can use to create more powerful marketing than the competition.

The key thing you must do is stimulate their emotions if you don’t they won’t move from their current state of inaction. Once I started taking a real interest in the client’s why I could really see their pain points and their wide-open opportunity within their fields.

If you take this approach you become more aware and have an advantage over others.

If you have questions please post them below or contact me for advice,  If you’ll commit to answer these questions the impact on your business will be huge.

If you start 2019 with a powerful answer to why you (and market it correctly) then it will very likely be your best year in business yet