What Could UFC Fighter Connor McGregor Possibly Know About Marketing

For those who are paying attention he is a very clever marketer as well as a talented no rules fighter. How popular has he become in such a short amount of time? one of the most recognisable sporting faces in the world not strictly fighting but in SPORTS! That is some achievement for a fighter in a league that is not 100% support globally. 

Business lessons from The Notorious.

Last night I watched a documentary on the rise of Conor McGregor who took the UFC (mixed martial arts fighting) by storm in America.

I’ll admit that I don’t watch UFC fighting as much as I would like to and I am not up to date with the who is who of it’s ultra elite championship personalities, but I do know clever marketing when I see it and mr McGregor shines clever marketing. 

1. Absolute confidence. Before he was anyone he was focused on becoming number one in the world and he believed it with every fibre of his being. This kind of belief instills confidence in everyone around you. It turns on your reticular activation system which is a part of the brain that acts like a goal seeking mechanism. So you bring things to you that will help you reach your goal. The take away for business owners is we must have unshakeable confidence that we are the right solution for our clients problems and that no one else is good enough. If we have that we will attract the best clients and command premium prices.

2. Get a good team around you. He didn’t achieve success alone he had the support of his wife and a team of specialist trainers so he could develop each skill needed to succeed. Take away you can’t go it alone you need support and help from the best you can get.

3. Work hard and the work even harder. It’s not really popular these days but the reality is you need to put in effort to achieve anything worthwhile. The rewards often come from how we grow to achieve something not just the goal itself. Once you reach a certain level you need to work harder and smarter again to go to the next level.

No one has a more recognizable strut than Connor based loosely on WWE former CEO Vince McMahon’s infamous power strut. Connor pulls it off effortlessly and it makes him memorable a key point in standing out above competitors.

4. No excuses. Everyone faces adversity it’s how you handle it that matters. Not far out from out from one is his big fights Conor tore his ACL (knee) yet he continued to train and refused to let it stop him from fighting. This is the mindset of a true champion. If we adopt the same mindset it’s amazing what can be done.

5. Challenge yourself. Once Conor was the champion in one division he decided to go up weight division and became champion there too. So always setting goals and new challenges forces us to grow. We won’t know how high is high unless we aim for the moon.

6. Do what others are not doing and do it with your own unique twist of character sprinkled on top. Connor is brash, loud, obnoxious and cocky but he does it so natural that you would think his head was stuck up his own backside. This sort of cocky attitude makes people either love him for being so cocky and confident or they hate him with a passion because he is so obnoxious.

So those are my key insights it’s a wonderful documentary with many lessons far beyond the sport of fighting.