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I See Business Obstacles Like Video Games

When you understand how gamers think you can see that they solve micro problems all day to get to small milestones before completing something bigger like a level. Its this thinking that I believe is a crucial skill marketers need to have to be successful. See below....

Social Media Overload and Taking a Break

After a hell of a week I wanted to browse Facebook for some entertainment and light reading but found nothing but trolling and lower than beginner questions. When I get home from work I dont mind taking 30 minutes to catch up on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and or...

Dropified Review Dropshipping Platform

Im a big fan of ecommerce and also within the ecommerce space a method of selling products that you don't hold inventory for known as dropshipping. This is a very lucrative method of ecommerce that I have been using since early 2016. I love not having to hold...

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