Im a big fan of ecommerce and also within the ecommerce space a method of selling products that you don’t hold inventory for known as dropshipping. This is a very lucrative method of ecommerce that I have been using since early 2016. I love not having to hold inventory and handle the logistics of getting my products from point A to point B. This is a very popular method to get started with in ecommerce. The risk is removed and all you really need to do is have a store and drive traffic to the sales pages. Someone else handles the fulfilment, genius.

One of the hardest things in ecommerce is product research. Over the years dropshipping has become more difficult to make a scalable business with due to increases in competitors and drop in product sale amounts. To have a successful dropshipping model you need a product that you can pay a low amount for and resell for a higher price, keeping the difference.

Example: I buy a Drone from AliExpress or Ebay for $19 I will then sell this same product in my store for $75 keeping the left over of the $19. The simplicity of dropshipping suits me just fine. 

So how does this software work?

When browsing AliExpress, Ebay or one of the many sites that are partnered with Dropified you can see product information when you hover on products. From there you can click the chrome extension to add and import a product or use that product on one of your product ideas boards that you can further research inside Dropified platform.

Here is a simplified view of how this all works:

What does dropified platform do

So knowing everything I know about dropshipping, product research, importing and exporting products and the sheer amount of work to setup my store and fill it with products after spending hours researching products I am always looking for a way to automate any part of that process. When you run multiple stores you will understand my paid. Now Ive searched far and wide for something to help me manage this process and I have found Dropified to be an answer to my problem. 

I love how simple Dropified makes it to research products on the fly. When using the platform I can arrange products by boards and product ideas. I can also integrate straight into image background remover OMG this feature is a welcome addition. You will often find product images with random words, logos on the image of the product and remove background helps remove those with ease. I also really like how easy it is to switch between stores and see exactly what is in my store and what is on my ideas board.

Lets look under the hood and see what Dropified can do.


With Dropified’s powerful automation, you’ll free up at least 20 hours a week…
so you can spend that precious time with your family (or yourself).

  • Easy Add and Ship Products: No more hours wasted manually adding products to your e-commerce store
  • Time Savings: No more messy spreadsheets placing orders
  • Earn More Money: No more managing all your orders
  • No more grunt work in your drop shipping business!

    Here’s how:

    • Automate practically every automatable piece of your drop ship business—from sourcing to fulfillment
    • It automatically gives you Product Alerts and price change alerts and sends them directly to you
    • You can Source Killer Products from about 100 stores & add them directly to your store with a single click
    • Your customer orders are fulfilled in seconds at Aliexpress and eBay, with a single click
    • The Mark-ups you decide are automatically applied to all or some of the products you see fit
    • Your orders are tracked automatically – Dropified is constantly working in the background

When I originally saw this product being promoted I skipped past it because I wasnt going hardcore on dropshipping and was more hitting the private label and Amazon FBA route. When I did check it out I think it was Chris Record and Chase from Dropfied formerly Shopified that I saw the sales webinar and it actually had merit to it although back then it was a lot less features and more about automating the Shopify process one of the first of its kind.

I purchased this product and began using it, there was a slight learning curve and the training was in depth and very helpful. It came with a really nice add on chrome extension to help import and assign products to boards. I got lost somewhere in the migration from Shopified to Dropified and when I couldnt log onto Shopified anymore I just moved on and thought pfft typical internet marketer BS. I take that back I saw Dropfied somewhere online being promoted and when I looked at it I connected the dots that it was the same platform just renamed. I was furious at first but thought before wasting energy without knowing the reason why it would be easy to ask for help.

In all honesty the guys at Dropified were amazing at connecting my account once I had verified my LTD purchase under the Chris Record deal. I spoke to Chase and team they connected my email to my new account and away I went. The experience has been very enjoyable and I can see all the changes that they have been working on teh backend and even the UI of the platform. So impressed.

Buying new software is always a pain the butt, you have so many questions and often the review images and videos are not even close to what you actually purchase. Because of this poor behaviour of a lot of the product promoters online I always have lots of questions before buying online software and it was no different with this Dropified software.

What Platforms You Can Integrate With?

Currently they integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ and GearBubble Pro.

What Sites Can You Import Products From?

They currently have auto ordering, fulfillment and synchronization just with AliExpress and eBay, they also have 1-Click Product Importing from close to 100 sites.

This is an ongoing update with more being added all the time.

Will This work in Your Country?

Like most things online marketing the answer is YES! Since suppliers ship the items directly to your customers, dropshipping is borderless and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Can You Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan?

Yes you can change your plan at any time directly in the Dropified dashboard.

You can also pause your account if you need to take a break. If at any time you need to take a break from building your store, you have the option to pause your account for just $12 a month and we will keep all of your data so you don’t have to start over when you come back.