Everyone has had a job were it really felt like a job, a depressing place where you go to spend 8-12 hours doing something that doesn’t make you happy to make money for someone else. Thats the truth of life everyone has to do a crappy job that they don’t like its not natural for you to get an amazing dream job walking out of high school or just randomly because.

I sure had a crappy job that drained the life from my very soul. I loved it but it became a black hole of existence where my passion turned into frustration and then hatred for that job. But i’m smart enough to realise that my once passionate job was not fulfilling my needs anymore and I took a big leap of faith and sold my shares in that business to move on and retire. Not everyone will have the same options that I had as I was the business co-owner.

I also think if you do a job just for the money you cant expect that job to be your long term plan for your work life balance and make you happier.

There’s factually no connection scientifically or statistically to wealth and happiness past 70k per year. This is why trust fund babies have some of the lowest life happiness scores of anyone. What happens is you earn money, then create an expensive life style and THEN get locked into that thing you do not enjoy out of fear of losing the expensive lifestyle which does not even make you happy.

You then lose the option to begin working on what you love and become owned by the things you own. You must do what you do not love to sustain them. You become unhappy to support what does not make you happy. Ugly.

On the contrary there is no greater recipe to extreme levels of happiness (emotionally, scientifically, and statistically) than working 12 hours a day on what you truly love regardless of the money it earns you. AKA your purpose.

There is factually no greater link to happiness than progress and looking forward to what you are doing. Truly. There isn’t anything that comes closer on any spectrum in any research. People who focus on progress and have something to look forward to even live longer and heal faster.

Ironically, when you love something and put 12 hours a day into it, you usually become incredible at it and money finds you anyways.

Wealth from work does not create happiness but happiness from work create wealth and make everything the long hours the stress and frustration well worth it. I realised my goals were to retire and I did that, it was boring and unfulfilling. I then realised my goal was to help businesses and people make money online like I do and to have that freedom where they don’t need the job but they can do a job because they enjoy it.

If you’re not working on what you love, step back and take a stock of what it is you are actually doing and why you cant do what you want to be doing. If money is your hang up make some changes in your lifestyle to CHANGE that from a problem to a power and add budgeting rules to the way that you spend your money.

Here are some things I have done to help me save money:

  • When you get paid put 10-20% out of reach
  • Avoid eating out try home cooked meals
  • Review what you actually eat during the week
  • Measure the approx cost of the food you need for the week
  • Don’t impulse shop online (change your passwords regularly)
  • Dont splurge shop
  • Use your calendar smarter to pay bills

You dont need to eat ramen noodles, drive a $100 gumtree purchase car and wear clothes you took from the donation bins to make it work, set a goal, prioritize your budget, arrange your routine and stick to your commitment to reach your goal. In a nutshell thats the bare basics of a foundation built for success. Money comes once your routine is fine tuned, keep reading my blog if you need technical training and guide on exactly how to make money online. Its FREE training and I do it so that you can make money online and work the job that you want and have a lifestyle that you want.

Take it step by step and apply these rules to keep you focused on your end goal. I hope you find this useful and any questions drop them in the comments below.