1. Build A Strong Foundation With SEO

Before you start doing anything after the new site build, you should consider setting the foundations for success with running an SEO campaign. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is how words on a page are optimized for search engines and people. The fine line between machine and human optimized. This helps push your keywords and phrases higher in search results and for multiple search terms. Businesses have been built using SEO techniques and due to its long term effects is a smart move for adding a solid foundation into your online marketing strategy.

Use the Google keyword tool planner to assist you to discover the most effective keywords for your niche. Once you have the best keywords you then setup the foundation of your categories, pages and titles so that people can navigate and find out about your business and what it is that you do. Head keywords and long tail keywords will make up the basis of your campaign. Creating a very easy to navigate site structure with ease and being easy to understand. Making the content more consumable and engaging.

2. Use Google Adwords To Drive Paid Traffic

Paid advertising like Google’s PPC service called Google Adwords can create sales for your business overnight. The Google Adwords system provides a platform for businesses to create and publish a variety of Ads for their business. One of teh other lesser known features is that you can place bid’s on keywords and search phrases to reach potential customers online. For businesses that are new to competing in the online space this can speed up the process for you. It is always a race to obtain new business with targeted leads and customers clicking your PPC ads. We recommend using a mix of SEO, Social Promotion and Google Adwords paid advertising for real growth.

3. Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has fully modified on-line promoting. making a social media account, and interacting with the shoppers typically is that the best thanks to promote a web site. you’ll be able to produce connections with the shoppers, and you’ll gain instant results as a results of your communication with them. totally different social media accounts give businesses with a superb platform to advertise their business to the correct audience. The promotion of internet sites on social media accounts will have branded representational process. contemplate running contests and giveaways with distinctive landing pages to realize new “likes” and client contact info. Facebook and Twitter are the dominate forces of social media, however Pinterest and Instagram area unit beginning to catch on with businesses as alternative ways that to market a web site.

4. Search Engine Listings & Directories

Adding your business details and business URL address into places online that hep people find things is a great way to help your online business expand its first wave of digital marketing. Directories and search engines will be where you want your business name to be listed on and have your details in their database.

The approach to submit new content to the listing directories like Google, Yelp, Yahoo!, Bing etc, is an effective strategy for helping people find your business online. Creating meaningful categories and adding attractive images will help people select your business over another business. There is something called NAP meaning Name, Address and Phone number that you need to have listed online for people to find your business and then use your business.

You have a business, you now have a new site, That’s a solid start. 

How are you advertising that to your existing network of contacts? You can add a notice advising people that you have recently had a web redesign to your email signature. You could go one step above and beyond and create a small banner promoting the new design so that people will see that you have something new on your website. Your whole image is however individuals can acknowledge your company slogan and any current promotions you may be running on your website. Using email to funnel traffic through to your website is smart, people are curious by nature and take advantage of that by optimizing your email signature. Craft a catchy signature for your email account, text messages, and forums that embrace your web site universal resource locator. this can be a good thanks to get individuals to acknowledge your whole, and it’ll get individuals to click on the universal resource locator.

5. Reciprocal Linking

One way to indicate to the search engines that your new website is trustworthy is by having other relative and respectable websites link to your site. If you want to gain authority and trust online linking to helpful information online and getting linked to as helpful information is how you get ahead with search results. Some of the backlink strategies that you can try to obtain for your website are: guest blogging, forum posting, link exchange, and news articles. Avoid spam linking to millions of websites and doing dodgy link building yourself, think about how it appears and how will it help your website and more importantly your website visitor.

Try to avoid linking to low quality websites. The search engines need to reward you with a better web site ranking after they see your web site is coupled to higher ranking, authority sites. Taking this into account when beginning to market your site online will catapult you ahead of your competitors. If you are building links like a mainiac quickly, your websites are more than likely going to be frowned upon by the Google’s and the Bing’s of search. Slow and steady is that the best method for obtaining and building backlinks.

6.Create & Promote High Quality Content

Out of all the web site promotion concepts you’ll examine on-line, the most effective one is to target quality content. The age old saying “content is king” everyone consumes content differently, you have to understand how your customers are consuming content online and be there for them. Are you giving them info they require, or are you simply targeting people who have questions about what your business does. Very important questions, understanding the who the why and providing that for readers will help grow your website traffic vastly.


​Depending on if you use a web page builder or a third party content uploading system you can create some very interesting content and involve content writers to help boost your content that you want to promote online.

Keep providing fresh content and make sure you have up to date news facts and guides for how to engage your business and use its services. Your website should make your content more consumable and people should be able to find what they want fast and with a few clicks. Write the sort of content that others need to browse and promote on their own blogs/websites and on social media. Use Google Authorship to assist you gain visibility. this may link all of your articles along, and it’ll rank higher in Google.

7. Use Google My Business for Local Search

To gain a local neighborhood audience, submit your web site to Google My Business. Not solely can Google give website favourable listing results but they also help tie your business entity into their eco system across the web. Launch the all new Google Posts from your Google My Business dashboard for instant engagement with people searching for your business. This is a completely FREE service by Google and over 20 million businesses online have signed up for this service and it grows everyday. Customize your listing with photos of your team your workplace products and or services. Create a brand account and utilise all the free services that Goolge offers for business owners.

Bonus Points: Make sure your website is responsive designed and shows on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. You should also be checking that the website shows across multiple types of web browsers like for example chrome or Firefox. Now can your site be seen and accessed correctly. You can create a responsive designed site yourself with the help of code or plugins or you can use an already set responsive designed theme. Some site builds come with built in responsive site builders to help you keep your visitors happy from the start.


​The sky is the limit with design elements for building websites online. Now you have a very good understanding of how to marketing your site online.