One of the most time consuming tasks when doing SEO is acquiring backlinks and building the links that you need to rank. This can be quite a time consuming task and in most situations an ongoing requirement to stay ranked.

I want to introduce you to the Money Robot SEO Backlink Tool created to simplify and automate the link building process. 

Where Can Money Robot Generate Backlinks From:

  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Network Posts
  • Social Bookmarketing
  • Web Directories
  • Wiki Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Forum Profiles
  • RSS

I will mention a couple of things about the tool. While Money Robot SEO backlink software is quite automated this comes with a few simple rules to follow. You should always test automated software before using them on anything that you value. In your case you value your brand’s website or your client’s website, so you want to protect it from any future problems especially with an evolving Google.

Despite what the sales pages say, Money Robot will not post to every platform listed. Money Robot needs to be used with a degree of caution as Google knows how to detect unnatural links.You can rank for low competition, Medium and in some cases very competitive keywords when using Money Robot SEO backlink software but you need to be smart when using it.

Money Robot will NOT build to WordPress

Money Robot will NOT build to Tumblr

I do not recommend pointing these links directly at your money site URL, the links are ok but still not the type of backlinks that you want pointing directly at your client or your own websites. 

The best use of Money Robot SEO Backlink tool is to point the links generated from thsi software at your Tier 2 website URL’s. This creates a safe buffer asset that keeps your money site safe in the event that Google decides that Money Robot is the enemy.

What do I mean by a tier 2 web asset? 

This would be something like your website’s branded Facebook profile, your business citations on platforms like Yelp, Apple Maps etc. A website URL that links to your money site is a tier 2 property that is a direct lead in to your money site. You would use Money Robot software to power up the tier 2 asset making it even more valuable.

The below diagram is what the SEO strategy or Backlink plan will look like. You can see a little money bag in the centre that is your money site or your website URL that you want to rank. The other icons pointing towards that are various website assets that will help to power up the money site URL. The arrows indicate what asset links to what other asset or the money site. This is one of around 62 strategy diagrams that you can use pre made or you have full customisation of your own SEO link strategy with the built in diagram builder.

Who is Money Robot SEO Tool for?

If like me you don’t have a lot of time to go out and build your own blogs and websites to help generate backlinks then Money Robot backlink automation tool is for you.

This backlink automation tool is perfect for affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, Client SEO and more. The ease of setting up a campaign can take you all of 2 minutes. 


If you are a newbie this is the perfect starter platform for you to start generating easy backlinks without much work. You just need to understand where to aim this tool for best results, avoid pointing it at the money site directly and think more about tiered link building options.

When you buy Money Robot SEO Backlink software you will get a FREE bonus. The bonus is another software that focuses on backlink monitoring, this tool will allow you to quickly identify what tier a backlink is. The tier could be Tier 1, or tier 2 and so on.

The only thing you need to do is to insert your backlinks list and the target website URL that you want to monitor and then allow Backlink Monitor tool to scan all of the backlinks and their status and anchor text information. The result will be presented in the tool dashboard very quickly and easily so you can know what you need to know about the backlink profile of your target URL.

The software can also search for html content inside all your URLs and can identify all websites that contain your specified html content.

Backlink Monitor is the fastest and most powerful link monitor software available, and can work with up to 500 threads simultaneous and it is 100% FREE.

Thanks to Wayne Vass for the overview of the Money Robot SEO Backlink software. As you can see the process is pretty automated allowing you to set up campaigns in minutes and let the software do what is was programmed to do.