Keyword Research

$ 60.00

This gig allows for 10 Keywords niche researched and showing metrics that matter. What you get back is a game changer, you can target money terms and have less competition. Order this gig to find the exact keywords to get your pages ranking!!! 

  • Discover opportunity keywords
  • Top 10 keywords that have money making metrics 




This is best suited for really taking the sniper rifle out on your niche and getting the most wide open opportunites in your niche.

  • English Language
  • Location targeting

Keyword research gold, we take the thinking out of it for you. Got a competitive keyword or topic you want to rank and bank? this is the perfect opportunity finder to help you see the wide-open opportunity available under that keyword or topic.

Product Specifications:

We need 1 main target keyword usually the web page URL or title and then x2 supporting keywords so we can explore that keyword set.

Step 1:  You provide the Niche/Topic

Step 2: You provide the keywords you want us to explore

Step 3: You get a report with the most profitable keywords and metrics.


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