After a hell of a week I wanted to browse Facebook for some entertainment and light reading but found nothing but trolling and lower than beginner questions.

When I get home from work I dont mind taking 30 minutes to catch up on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and or Twitter. This is good to see what the bro’s are up to and catch up on any industry news.

A takeaway from the last month or two is I’ve noticed more and more that the intelligence factor is diminishing more and more.

It made me think about what if, what if I took time away from social media would I still feel the negative thoughts about people. I don’t know honestly what will happen but I’m happy to try it out.

I have some friends who take regular social media breaks during the year and they say its quite refreshing. 

My plan is that starting today I take time away from social media, I do have some Facebook and Pinterest Advertising commitments to manage and my own businesses Facebook ads to manage but in terms of organic social reading, scrolling, commenting and engagement I’m avoiding using these platforms for the next 2 weeks.

What Id like to get out of this?

  • Clarity on what’s important.
  • The why of social media
  • Why do I use it
  • How I feel about people while away
  • How I feel about people when I return
  • Did I feel better, same or worse on the break

I think this will help me see what platforms I should use, what type of content I want to engage with and where I should spend time for work, learning and social engagement.


Trolling on Social Media

There are times I’ve been guilty of trolling a mofo because the post or questions was just so hard to not mess with the original poster.

I’m doing this less and less because it is a HUGE time waste for everyone involved.

I find myself more and more just cringing at the trolling levels people go to. The level some people go to in order to crush someone online is scary, imagine if that person put that energy into something productive.


Beginner Questions at All-Time Low

There are times I’ve read some comments in groups where I participate and I just shake my head at the questions being asked.

We live in the age of tech so we have these great resources for learning stuff especially basics.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  4. Youtube
  5. Udemy
  6. Wiki How
  7. Wikipedia

The options above are the tip of the learning iceberg. But questions so basic just how on earth did this person make it past the age of 12. I really struggle seeing how this person can be thinking of starting a business.

Being in online marketing you need to know how to problem-solve, fact! I only hire employees that have a gaming background because they just know problem-solving as its the only way you level up in video games.

But how on earth will someone that cant problem solve consider starting a business where they help business with their marketing problems. I just bang my head against the wall and it is happening more and more.

I started a group for helping people understand and navigate the Google My Business platform on facebook and at the time of posting Im sitting on 2.2k members. We get so many questions about people starting abusiness that have no basic understanding of how business works but it is ok the design of the group is to help people understand the platform as it is confusing.

The Admins and Mods are all accomplished marketers and they do take time to help answer questions as much as possible I think our mod team do a fantastic job of vetting spam from real questions.

Asking questions is ok but I just think the most basic of answers can be found in 2 minutes of searching Google or actually trying to do what it is they are asking before asking it lols.

The Sheer Amount of Skin on Instagram

I am all for admiring a womans body there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is proud of her body and confident in who she is but! and its a big butt haha bad joke.

It’s hard to admit it but even I have to tone down the profiles I follow on Instagram because of the sheer amount of skin. nudity and throwaway flesh content that is on Instagram.

I cant scroll 2 scrolls without seeing a bikini or butt twerking on my feed. I hate to say it but its a sex sells platform. The more you show the more you grow. That’s really sad and I could write for days about influencers and the negatives of building a business based on looks but I won’t go on about that.

It takes a lot for me to want to tune down the nudity from attractive ladies but it turns out there is a threshold for what I can take in visually. Instagram you did it you broke my visual sensors with your overload of nudity.

Recycling Content Claiming to be the Source.

In the Online marketing space innovation is severely lacking and you see it more and more that people will copy paste someone else’s comment or questions and take credit as the source while giving no credit where its due.

I really get the craps about it when the person who does this makes it about them being a thought leader and even worse when someone uses their recycled content and they cry about it because did to them what they just did to someone else. I just don’t get it.


Video Series Idiots of the Internet

So below I just wanted to share my pain without giving specifics as I dont want to name and shame anyone thats not my place. I do follow Joe he is a standout comedian who shines at life observations and he covers my pain so well with his video series called Idiots of the internet. I shared episodes 11-15 here as a taset if you want more subscribe to his channel he is a crack up. Enjoy.

Joe Santagato – Idiots of the Internet videos.

I really think Joe has found the worst of the worst but these types of social interactions happen on the daily it’s so bad and there’s moments I’m looking at my phone with my mouth open just shaking my head.

I struggle with idiots and incompetence and this right here is one reason I’m taking a break from social media to cleanse the intelligence pallet.

I’ll update this when I finish the hiatus. Take a look at your social channels and see if you really need to be on that platform a break could do you good. If you do take a break update me in the comments.

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