Even the most addicted individuals hate to admit that they are, well, addicted to whatever they are addicted to. One of my not so public issues is software addiction to apps, programs and software dashboards, made all to easy by companies like appsumo and dealstack.

Back in the day, people used to associate the word ‘addiction’ with things like drugs and gambling. But nowadays it seems that we have a lot more things to deal with and be addicted to like Porn, video games, and computer software.

Some types of addiction are undoubtedly harder to deal with than others, although from a psychological standpoint – we can be addicted to almost all sorts of things.

But today, we will be discussing computer software addiction, how to deal with it, how to know if you suffer from it, and why it’s one of the worst and most common type of addiction in our modern world.

How do Software Companies get you to take the bait?

  1. ​They use mobile apps
  2. Provide a problem solving software
  3. Use subscription based services to keep you hooked

​Once you are aware of the methods you can make informed choices to continue to feed your addiction to software or to ignore the urge.

The growth of the software industry

With the widespread usage of computer, laptop, mobile and tablet devices around the world – people’s attention is now directed towards these electronic devices.

In this day and age, most people prefer to spend their time browsing the web and playing games on their mobile phones instead of reading a book or going out with friends.

As a result, computer software companies and app developers are rapidly increasing their development operations and racing to be the first to create the next ‘’killer app’’ or software that will grab your priceless attention and make them millions, if not billions of dollars.

This also creates a huge demand for advertising opportunities as large corporations and brands look to promote their goods and services within those software apps.

For this reason, the computer software industry has become so massive and is growing year by year and chances are, it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Blame Software Developers

For the most part, the tech industry has the same software development operations across most of their product line, here’s how it works:

Tech companies create and develop software products and packages, while also managing the marketing aspect of the business. But then, they leave the software and add-on development to third-part developers to develop extra features for their products.

Let’s take the Microsoft Xbox as an example, the gaming department of Microsoft is only accountable for supporting and developing the next versions of the Xbox (the hardware) while for the most part, third-party developers such as Rockstar Games are the ones who usually create and develop the games (the software). And the same goes for most software companies out there.


Therefore, the software developers – both brands and individuals, are the ones to blame for creating addictive computer games and software.

I remember spending most of my teenage years playing GTA San Andreas, I didn’t realize back then that I was addicted to the game. I would often feel really bored and distressed if a day passed without me playing the game, doing anything else just seemed very dull and unexciting in comparison.

I believe I was not alone, back in 2015 – video games weren’t as visually-appealing and mind-stimulating as what we have now. When Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released, it literally blew everyone’s mind, including non-gamers, the engaging story line, the outstanding graphic visuals, the realistic gameplay; everything was ahead of its time.

It was cool, everyone enjoyed their time, but some people didn’t have enough, they got caught up in the addiction trap.

And usually, the only case where game addicts will stop playing the game and do something else is when it becomes irrelevant and out-dated.

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Your Addiction Is Worth Money

Have you ever found yourself using your phone late at night not really knowing what you’re looking for?

Gone are the days where bed was merely for sleeping, we now have mobile phones and addictive apps. These days, it’s hard to resist the temptation to check your phone every 5 seconds.

How to deal with software addiction?

First and foremost, you have to realize that someone somewhere is actually benefiting greatly from your software addiction and they actually want you to become more addicted to software.

Don’t believe me?

Just go take a look at the most popular social networking apps that you use such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram – they’re always rolling out more exciting features and updates to get you to spend more time using their software apps.

The same thing goes for most other software and game development companies, their software apps and games are designed to be addictive.

Why do they do this?

Well, because that’s how the system works, the whole software app industry is designed to get users attention and increase users retention and use of their app.

Software development corporations realize that the more users use their platforms and apps, the more premium products they can sell to them. In addition to the advertisers who may be looking to pay the software developers to get access to their platform and market to their audience of users.

Whether you like it or not, these companies are making a buck from your addiction. In other words, Addiction has become a widely successful business.

I hope knowing this helps software addicts spend less time making other people rich and wealthy out of their own misery and addiction.

As a final point, I will leave you with this thought-provoking quote,

‘’One person’s misery can redound to the blessing of countless others.’’

To summarise this

  • reserve a set limit to spend on these software deals
  • take a break from the online space regularly
  • unsubscribe from the companies mailing lists and social accounts
  • put money in a separate account just for this problem and when it runs out that’s it

I used a piece of content creation software to see what it can do and here are the results for a search to create content for “software addiction”


There are many types of software, there is computer software, things like web browsers and word processors and an occasional computer-based video game. But you still have to get up, turn the computer on, and download the latest software updates – which can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

However, In 2017, the type of software that most people are addicted to is that of mobile phones. According to the latest reports, 44 percent of the global population owns a Smartphone.

For the first time in history, we can manage all aspects of our day-to-day life using nothing but an intelligent small device that can easily be placed inside our comfortable pockets.

A recent study by Smart Insights has reported that Smartphone users typically spend 89 percent of the time using software apps on their mobile phone.

And if that’s not enough, here’s another depressing statistic that shows how common mobile addiction has become:

More than 50% of mobile phone users grab their Smartphone device immediately after waking up in the morning (ExpressPigeon).

And by the way, the above statistic was originally conducted in 2014, now you can imagine that it will be much worse today. Mobile phone app addiction is real and is ruining the lives of not only our younger generations, but also adults.

Everyone is addicted to mobile app software, If you ever found yourself pulling your phone out of your pocket in public because you we’re bored is actually proof that you have some degree of mobile software addiction.

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Thanks for reading.