Positive Habits to Keep Moving Forward

Working for yourself online can become a pretty big deal.  But, getting the kind of success you need to survive, might take a bit of time.  The goal is to never give up, but also don’t lose the house in the process. If you desire to work online, but are not sure where to start.  There are plenty of YouTube videos out there, as well as blogs about working from home and various things people do. Once you have chosen something that you like and start working toward your goals, you will quickly realize it’s not just put up a new gig somewhere and they will come.  Or, design up a website and throw some ads at it, and you’ll be an overnight success.

Online work is a business that takes some skills.  And, motivation as well as focus and dedication. Depending on the object of the online work, whether it’s a part-time side gig for some extra cash or looking to work full time. It takes time and effort.   Getting into some great habits is really important your success.

Get up, Get Dressed

Treat this like any other job.  That doesn’t mean you need to get up and put on a business suit, well, you can and should if you are doing YouTube videos and it is appropriate.  However, just put on some clothing that doesn’t interchange with Pajamas. Keep comfortable in what you do, but take a shower, brush your teeth and prepare for the day like you would any other job.  This is a job and should be taken seriously.

Don’t give up

Don’t give up.  If the first idea doesn’t pan out, there are other options.  But, don’t give up on the first try. Keep at it and eventually, something will take.  Try different write-ups, change the approach, the graphics and sit back and take notes.  Changing up how you approach the problem can make a difference as well. If you are trying to find leads with cold email, change up the e-mail a bit

Or if you are looking for freelance work, change up your profile, add more skillsets if there are graphics, get different graphics.  Figuring out what works in your space is key to success.

Make a schedule each Day

There are certain tasks to get completed each day.  Making a schedule can help you stay on task and get your work completed.  It is easy to get off task and get distracted when working online. Shut down all the social media and don’t answer every notification.  Your schedule should include time to check these things but not the main focus of your time. Try to get all the tasks assigned to that day and not roll the tasks over to the next day.  

Treat your online work as a job

Treat your online work as a job.  This is something that is super important to remember.  This is a job and should be treated as such. Ensure you arrive on time and do work diligently with the time you have.  Try to keep distractions out of the area. Some people dream of the laptop lifestyle, however, this is still working. Things still need to get completed.  Leads need to be generated and tasks accomplished no matter what it is you plan to do for online work.


The biggest roadblock is the mindset.  Many people have these negative beliefs in themselves that carry into their success.  These negative beliefs are things such as it’s too hard, I don’t know how or I’m not that smart and other factors.  However, you don’t have to be super smart to work online. When working online all you need is that one key.

Knowledge is power.  Combine that with the proper mindset that you can do this can bring great success.  

Believe in yourself and great things will come.  Of course, you need to do the work, just thinking you’re going to be great isn’t going to cut it.  However, believe in your goals and set goals. Even small goals to achieve and reward yourself.

Looking for that Home Run

Working online we all hear the success stories, but they don’t tell you, they started somewhere.  And, looking for that home run is not going help you achieve your goals long term. If you are looking to work online for the long term, then seeking out that home run, shouldn’t be the goal.  Accidently finding one is a bonus, however, the long term of riding that wave is short lived. Then what. Start with a long term plan and grow it into something that can sustain over time.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the different ways to make money online.  This can sometimes be called the shiny object syndrome. Don’t chase something that looks easier after you’ve put time and effort into the first idea.  With this mindset, you will get nowhere because you won’t finish anything. Still, with the plan, you can deviate a bit as you learn from the plan, of course, but starting off in one sector of making money online, just to run off to a completely different sector is going to make nothing work.  And, will, in the end, start your mind back into the negative mindset.

Set Mini Goals to Achieve to Keep Motivated

Make some realistic goals to achieve.  These can be simple things such as getting 100 followers on a social media account.  Having 25 visitors on a new website. Something that is super easy to achieve but not the end goal of having a thriving company either.  The little goals will give you a burst of energy and enthusiasm about what you’ve set out to do.

If you are looking to be successful online, suit up and take action.  Get your mind, body, and soul ready for this ultimate journey. Every morning tell yourself positive things and get your mindset in the right direction.  When one door closes another door will open. Keep focused on your ultimate goal but have small milestones to keep you motivated.