If you’re still unaccustomed to the world of blogging and websites, you will have noticed at least that many websites are built on WordPress. What exactly is WordPress? It is a content management system or CMS for managing the websites content, build and design. WordPress is also a business platform used for building websites and blogs. It powers countless websites worldwide, and plenty of massive brands use WordPress: CNN, Playstation, the big apple Times Blogs, folks Magazine, and even Ford – all of them use WordPress!

WordPress is not any longer only for blogging.

WordPress wont to be celebrated primarily as a blogging platform, and it remains the most effective resolution to use for web log, but it’s come back an extended method and has become a awfully comprehensive Content Management Suite wont to power many alternative forms of websites, together with business sites, job boards, sites that includes advertisements, etc. WordPress is extraordinarily terribly versatile, adaptable, and if a particular feature or options that don’t seem to be intrinsical area unit required by a user, there are actually thousands of plugins accessible to boost WP’s practicality, thus there’s probably resolution already developed for that require – the probabilities are actually limitless!

On the opposite hand, it positively will build it simple to possess a web log on your web site, that is verycounseled as a part of your on-line selling strategy. Search engines like Google love WP websites as a result of it uses literary code, and keeping an energetic web log tells search engines that your website is alive and well, thereby increasing your website’s rank and your possibilities of being found via organic searches. If you’re trying to induce a vantage with computer program optimisation, WordPress is that the thanks to choose your web site and/or web log.

WordPress is cost-efficient and versatile.

A great factor concerning WordPress is that it’s fully open supply – which implies that the ASCII text file wont to run WordPress is out there to the final public. this suggests that anyone on the world will modify the code if necessary and customise WordPress even more to be what they have. Often, this isn’t necessary, however it conjointly means any plugins and themes (templates) created for the WordPress platform should even be open supply. Plugins area unit essentially add-ons that may be simply put in within the WordPress dashboard space to feature options that don’t seem to be a part of the core code, and themes area unit what offer a web log or web site supportedWordPress its style. Imagine a world-wide community operating along to feature additional options and practicality to WordPress – you’re not restricted to solely having the ability to use specific workers or developers to supply customizations, which implies it’s a strong CMS system able to do what you wish it to, it’s versatile, and straightforward to customise.

WordPress is supported by worldwide community.

Because WP is ASCII text file, it’s freely accessible to be downloaded, installed, and used on your own servers. This makes it extraordinarily cost-efficient. it might value plenty of cash to possess a custom CMS developed that might do constant factor that WordPress will, however why pay that much? There’s no have to be compelled to reinvent the wheel with WordPress being freely accessible, customizable, and really actively supported by a worldwide community of WordPress developers, users, and supporters! WordPress is updated frequently, with new practicality, bug fixes, and security fixes.

Also, as a result of there’s such an outsized community close WordPress, any developer will work on a WordPress-based website to update it, build changes, etc., thus you’ll be able to ne’er be command ransom by anyone designer or developer.

WordPress is straightforward to use!

You don’t have to be compelled to be a technical genius to find out the way to use WordPress. I continuously tell my clients: if you recognize the way to edit a Microsoft Word document, then you’ll be able to simply update the content on your WP website. change pages and/or web log posts on WordPress is virtually as simple as written material a Word document – you don’t have to be compelled to be an internet designer to update your content. that’s the magic of WordPress!

WordPress offers a backend administrator interface that’s visually simple to navigate and really effective. Everything is organized during a logical manner, thus it’s simple to seek out the area unit your yearning for, like written material page (located within the “Pages” section), written material a web log post/article (in the “Posts” section), uploading pictures (located within the “Media” section), managing users (in the “Users” section), etc.