Is your website a lazy salesperson?

Every day potential clients visit your website looking for a solution to their problems.

How many of them become paying clients? If it’s not enough then your website is basically like a lazy salesperson.

That is, it isn’t paying its way. You need to take action to fix the problem as it’s costing you a lot of money.

If it was an employed salesperson you would ask them to step up or they’d be out the door. You need to view your website the same way.

Except you need to identify and make the changes to get your website paying its way.

Here are some things you can check to start getting insights you can use to rework your website into a high performer.

1. Google Analytics. There is a ton of data in here they key is not to get lost in the detail. Firstly look at bounce rate (people viewing only one page and leaving), average time on site and average pages viewed. Then look at what devices most people use to access the site. If it’s mobile as it often is now then you need to really look at your mobile website experience and make sure it it easy for people to take the action you want them to take.

2. Number of actions taken compared with your unique visitor numbers. This is basically your conversion rate. If 1,000 people visit and 10 call you then your conversion rate to get an enquiry is 1%. The internet average conversion rate is between 1-3% depending on which sources you use. However it can be far higher. Remember if it’s 3% that still means 97 of every 100 visitors leave without taking action. Are you OK with that?

3. Website wording review. Are you using terms like we? Are you using technical language you understand but clients may not? If so you need to rework your wording to let clients know how you can help them and what they need to do next.

4. Live user tracking. Add user tracking software so you can see exactly what people do when they are on your site? The insights are priceless and allow you to make more informed changes than using just Google Analytics on its own.

5. Does your site have a clear and compelling offer that attracts your best potential clients? The offer you make determines who responds. If you don’t have a clear, compelling offer then you must create one. Don’t rush the process a bit more time taken to match the offer to your client needs will results in far more leads and leads of a much higher quality.

6. Get a second opinion? You probably wouldn’t accept a diagnosis of a serious health problem from your doctor without getting a second opinion. Do the same with your website. Find a marketing professional or potential client to conduct the review as they will be objective. For bonus points do both.

Your website can be a sales superstar if you make it one. The days of lazy selling are gone your site needs to pay its way. It’s will be one of your biggest assets if you get it right. It will work for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

If you want to make more sales before the end of the year the best thing is you can do is power up your offer AND make your offer to more people.

Sounds simple right? It is but just because it’s simple doesn’t mean people will do it.

You actually need to commit to a plan each week to make your offer to a certain number of people. How many depends on your circumstances.

You can calculate how many offers you need to make a week by knowing how what percentage of clients you close when you speak to a lead. So if you close 50% of leads and want 6 clients this week you need to present your offer to 12 qualified leads.

Once you know this you then need to put the activity into your calendar and commit to doing it.

Now the next step is to power up your offer after all weak offers don’t generate sales. Here are a few questions to help you make your offer stronger.

1. What is your big promise? That is what is the big result a client will get from you if they buy. You need to dig deep into this based on understanding their ‘deepest needs’ not the superficial things they will tell you on first asking.

2. How can you make getting their needs meet easier by doing business with you than any other alternative (including the option of doing nothing)?

3. How can you get them better results or longer lasting they results than they are expecting? If you can nail this one it’s the basis for building a lot of word of mouth referrals.

4. What guarantee can you offer that will be bold and stand out in a noisy marketplace of competitors who all look the same?

5. What reason(s) can provide for them to act now? Right now!

6. What proof can you offer that makes it easy for them to believe you can help and especially can help them?

7. How can you simplify your offer? Make sure you use simple language and avoid any jargon. Write as you would talk not to win a grammatical award

8. How you can show the value of what they get far outweighs your asking price? Your ‘perceived value’ should massively outweigh the money they part with to get it.

If you follow this simple plan:

‘Make a better more often’

Then it is virtually impossible for you not to generate more sales.

You have the website you know what you sell and what you are good at now is the time that you make your website do the heavy lifting and sell for you. 

Read these tips and apply it to your website, it might not happen overnight but with some attention and commitment you will see an improvement in your websites sales